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          Latest Posts

          Tiny House Magazine And A New Year

          Wow! what happened to 2019? Last month we published Issue 84 which marked the end of the seventh year of

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          Tiny Home Construction Companies: Pros & Cons

          If you’re thinking of building a tiny home, you’re probably researching the countless options available and deciding just what features

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          Smiling Woods Yurt Kits for Round, Permanent Living

          When most people think of yurts what comes to mind are the fabric or canvas options that might feel a

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          What You Need to Know You Before Moving into a Tiny House

          Are you thinking about making the big transition to tiny living? Here are the top considerations you need to know

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          Maria Saxton Are Tiny Houses Good For The Environment?

          Maria is the first person to do some serious academic research about tiny houses and how they affect the ecological

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          10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Colorado

          Ready to buy a tiny house in Colorado? Check out these tiny houses for sale in Colorado. (updated 1/8/2020) Look

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          Tiny House for Practice Build

          When you are considering building your own tiny house it is optimal to have some practice doing the actual construction.

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          Succulents: The Perfect Winter Plant for Tiny Homes

          Succulents are not just a bohemian Instagram darling. These tiny, slow-growing desert plants also happen to be perfect plants for

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          Top Tiny Houses of 2019: 11 Unique Designs

          Happy New Year from the crew at Tiny House Blog! It’s the time of year to reflect on the major

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